you will mostly hear from my (bethany’s) perspective. ethan is incredibly involved in my writing and is often the subject, but also we are growing and expanding into new areas of connecting with people and so i took my old blog site ( and made it new! enter i began my blog in 2010. my main goal was to just have fun, document our life, and nail the perfect banana bread recipe. that took me nearly 8 years, but i’ve finally done it. i’ll find out how to feature that blog post because it is still my most asked about post. and my cold brew coffee blog. you can search but it’ll take you probably forever. ethan and i are in love with being together. we love marriage. ethan says it’s supreme. we have shared our lives for most of our marriage and now we just hope to have an internet space that brings light and love and joy to the world. we sincerely love our life. we have been through a lot and will go through a lot more. but we focus hard on living and loving intensely. we’ve been connected to some of the absolute coolest and most generous human souls on the planet and we are grateful. we have a place to stay if we were need it in pretty much every state in the usa. we are so well loved and taken care of. here we hope to share our journey, past and present, as well as the hopes and dreams to come. our next adventure will be foster care and adoption. we were gifted with a healthy pregnancy and giant, healthy baby boy jack truman last september. much to our amazement! that journey was enough for a book itself. which i should probably start writing at some point if i want to reach my goal of publishing something before i turn 31. and now we know God has clearly begun our parenting years. we have a heart for needy, unloved, unwanted or forgotten children. and/or just parents who love their children but cannot make ends meet and need help for a while. we will love their kids and them as we all work toward reconciliation. we feel called strongly to stay planted in danville, il. neither of us are from this town (close by) and desire often to move closer to my family or a fun city that we’ve fallen in love with and do lots of business in. but nope. God says stay. so we try to stop asking, and embrace our home base. together we enjoy simple things. coffee dates, book store hangs, walks and hand holding, marathoning the same few tv shows each year, and intense conversation with just about anyone who will partake.